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What is a course?

Courses are not always what you may imagine. We like to use a mixture of workshops, mentoring, coaching and small group work. It’s all about sharing skills and information in a way that helps.

We ensure that our group sizes are manageable with between 6 and 8 people. Our experience and feedback from students suggest smaller groups are more helpful.

We put on a course when we have enough people who want to attend, instead of putting on a course then trying to fill it.

Where are the courses?

We have delivery sites across South East Essex including Thundersley (behind Runnymede Swimming Pool), Southend (High Street), Westcliff (Fairfax Drive) and Rochford (Rocheway). Some courses run at different sites and we plan to use a greater number of sites as we develop more courses.

Who can join?

Anyone living in the Southend, Castle Point and Rochford areas, who is over 18, living with a mental health condition and wants some help to make lifestyle changes can join. Joining is simple, all you need to do is complete an enrolment form.

What happens after I complete an enrolment form?

You will be contacted by a Recovery Coach who will arrange a time to meet up and discuss your situation. They will talk through the options available and link you up with courses and support.



If you would like to enrol for a course at REACH please visit the enrolment page and complete for the form.

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